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[08 May 2005|11:34am]

Hey guys, I just finished my pages at the trailer. All I need are the thumbs up/down and Trout. Cody I'm entrusting you with finding a picture and making an update, you've got a good chunk of page to fill so have fun.

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OMG! Guess what's crap! [06 May 2005|01:38am]

I checked The Current email at 1:40 AM to find this:

To: Jeednejo@cs.com; myswtcatastrphe@hotmail.com
Cc: swtcatastrphe@gmail.com; orionhere@hotmail.com; John Knowlton; JLittle139@aol.com; The Current

I have spent the last couple nights drinking heavily and writing.

Yours, as well as others belief in me has sent a whirl of gasoline into my
counter-culture fired spirit. I am ready to explode, emerge, fearing only
impatience and poor gramar.

Please read this and tell me what you think...



Flatulent media mongers in the 21st century:
an age of decadence and the smiling knife

By Andrew R. Gardner

“Everyday I wake up looking for the gun that I do not own. In my dreams I can feel the cold steel pressed against my temple, every time smiling as I pull the trigger…everyday waking up in Hell.”

“I am a tortured spirit forced to live in a world of fools, in the company of collegiate idiocy, the epitome of American higher education.”

At face value thinly stretched smiles communicate spinelessly, back stabbing the off-guard, watchful eye, he who sees the truth behind their façade. The smiling knife is fraudulent, a fake. Fearful of its own unmasking this blade facilitates cliquing, grouping cynicisms like rabid baboons; they snarl and fling feces as if their shit smells like roses, deflowering the spirit of the novice mind once eager to become, rendering the willful impotent in a vulgar display of power.

However, the tortured spirit cannot be stopped, only detoured. Some of us are determined, even in light of self destruction, to dull the blade of the bastard smiling knife…to wipe that fucking smirk off its face.

It is disgusting that that their can be such a privileged group, built upon a tripod of egocentricity, bad taste and a complete absence of any social sense of humor: an organization of boring figureheads that show little or no regard for anyone or anything that does not boost the over inflated feeling of self-worth that each and every one of them possess. By definition, this is a rudimentarily fascist regime and nothing less than an ugly, sick joke.

We feast on freedom, a falsehood that tell us that we can roam in the yard of liberty; wrapped around our necks is a collar of control, a governing fence, invisible: America the obese, saturated with that fatty falsehood freedom, percolated with Republican rogue leadership, sugarcoated for humble consumption, hydrogenated for an extended shelf life.

It is this fat-bodied American whose existence is the epithet of evil, with a sweet tooth for power that it does not deserve and the temperament of a hyperactive two-year-old, the nemesis of counter-culture genius. It is their congealed heart that pumps media into America’s veins, the consumer’s daily fix of the dramatic, a simple minded need to feel alive, holocaustic to the intelligence of curiosity.

Those birthed into this decadent age of pop culture and violent poetics inherit the emotional well being of figureheads most appealing to “marketplace manhood,” the immoral melanoma that has manifest middle class masculinity into a manhunt of wealth and status. Currency and title have become 21st century androgen, the booze of the simian struggle we call the American dream.



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I'll post this in the Current thingy [24 Apr 2005|09:27am]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

1. What does your LJ nickname mean?
I don't know. mad_with_power and mel_bel were already taken (by people who do not even care to update their journals I might add!) and those two were my usual nicknames. I'd make a new journal if I could think of a better name, but I'm just not that smart. If anyone thinks of a new name for me I'll give them a dollar
2. Elaborate on your icon photo?
I have three and they are all from the X tarot. I thought the pictures were cool so I put them in. There was one more I wanted to put in but I could cut out the ladies breasts (she was bare chested) and I thought people would give me a lot of crap for that
3. Did you lie about your age anywhere on the net?
No. I have no reason to
4. How many LJ friends do you have?
I think like 6 or seven, I am only friends with people who update.
5. What is your current status?
I'm going to guess this is dating status and I'm taken.
6.Do you think pregnant women are beautiful?
Sure, why not?
7. What is life to you?
Having fun and doing something meaningful with it
8. What is love to you?
Caring for someone
9. What kind of people do you hate most?
Self-centered people
10. What type of people do you like most?
Nice people
11. What makes you happy?
Stupid things make me happy. LIke figuring out how to make a swirkle (even if it tastes like ass) or having my cat chase around the laser from a laser pen.
12. Are you musically inclined?
I guess. I play the violin
13. What would you do if you woke up one morning and found out that the person you love most didn't exist or was killed?
If they didn't exist I would think that I had a horrible sub concious for playing such a mean trick on me and if they were killed I would cry my eyes out and after that I don't know what I'd do.
14. If you could go back in time and change ONE thing, what would you change?
I would have asked to change schools and families when I found out my school in Japan didn't have an orchestra.
15. If you MUST be an animal for ONE day, what will you be?
A kitten.
16. Ever had a near death experience?
Probab;y, but I can't think of one at the moment.
17. Name ONE obvious personality quality you have.
I'm sarcastic
18. What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now?
Songs from the music at work (I don't know the titles)
19. Are you happy today?
As happy as I can be.
20. Who will cut and paste this first?
Probably Cody or Denise...maybe Liane... it will probably be Denise.

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Untitled (Initiation of the Drunk Robot) [07 Apr 2005|02:05am]

[ mood | OMG Keys! ]

So the plan was for everybody to meet at the Auburn theater - or theatre, depending - in time to see The Twenty. We didn't.

But we did get there in time to see the movie, which should count for something.

In this case, "everybody" turned out to be me, Cody, Victoria, Liane, Tyler, new sports editor Andy (three cheers for the next person who gets to pretend to care about batting averages), Andy (a friend of Tyler and Liane, I think) and Dane (another friend of Tyler and Liane, I think).*

This was the first time that sports-editor Andy really hung out with us...and it was certainly intersting.  

By the way, as far as movies where castration-repair procedures turn men into yellow Star Trek creatures, Sin City is pretty high up. It rocked pretty hard. I've never seen a movie with so many ridiculous action/comic book cliches and one-liners. It was hilarious.

At about quarter to midnight, after the movie had ended and we were all out on the sidewalk discussing where we'd parked our cars or something interesting and cool like that, and Andy walked over and was like "You guys will never guess what just happened," or something.

If he'd given me a chance, I sooooooooo would have guessed that he'd accidentally thrown his car keys onto this really high support beam.  


We didn't know how to get them down! Pretty much, we stood around for a while laughing really hard.

We came up with several bad ideas, including collecting these rocks to throw at the beam in hopes of knocking the keys over. But we were afraid of a lawsuit, so we settled for asking the employees for help. So this old guy who worked there went and got this giant ladder.

By the way, an old guy working at a movie theater would depress the heck out of me if I was the type to let things depress the heck out of me.

After looking around for a while, the guy found Andy's keys. The whole process took about half an hour. And yeah, we were laughing the whole time.

Then the guy was all "did you learn a lesson for this?" and then he made us pick up all our rocks and put them back where we found them.

I think the last time I laughed that hard was, like, this morning, when Cody and I were talking about "bring your own bed" parties, or "byobps." That was right about when Victoria said something about not letting us sit in the front seat because the airbags decapitate children, or something.

Anyway, OMG, we are sooooooo doing this again.

*If anybody has been left out of this list, please accept my sincere apology, along with the knowledge that you suck too much to be remembered.

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[04 Apr 2005|02:36pm]

Obviously, this community -- and this newspaper! -- is the coolest thing since swiss cheese.
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