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Untitled (Initiation of the Drunk Robot)

So the plan was for everybody to meet at the Auburn theater - or theatre, depending - in time to see The Twenty. We didn't.

But we did get there in time to see the movie, which should count for something.

In this case, "everybody" turned out to be me, Cody, Victoria, Liane, Tyler, new sports editor Andy (three cheers for the next person who gets to pretend to care about batting averages), Andy (a friend of Tyler and Liane, I think) and Dane (another friend of Tyler and Liane, I think).*

This was the first time that sports-editor Andy really hung out with us...and it was certainly intersting.  

By the way, as far as movies where castration-repair procedures turn men into yellow Star Trek creatures, Sin City is pretty high up. It rocked pretty hard. I've never seen a movie with so many ridiculous action/comic book cliches and one-liners. It was hilarious.

At about quarter to midnight, after the movie had ended and we were all out on the sidewalk discussing where we'd parked our cars or something interesting and cool like that, and Andy walked over and was like "You guys will never guess what just happened," or something.

If he'd given me a chance, I sooooooooo would have guessed that he'd accidentally thrown his car keys onto this really high support beam.  


We didn't know how to get them down! Pretty much, we stood around for a while laughing really hard.

We came up with several bad ideas, including collecting these rocks to throw at the beam in hopes of knocking the keys over. But we were afraid of a lawsuit, so we settled for asking the employees for help. So this old guy who worked there went and got this giant ladder.

By the way, an old guy working at a movie theater would depress the heck out of me if I was the type to let things depress the heck out of me.

After looking around for a while, the guy found Andy's keys. The whole process took about half an hour. And yeah, we were laughing the whole time.

Then the guy was all "did you learn a lesson for this?" and then he made us pick up all our rocks and put them back where we found them.

I think the last time I laughed that hard was, like, this morning, when Cody and I were talking about "bring your own bed" parties, or "byobps." That was right about when Victoria said something about not letting us sit in the front seat because the airbags decapitate children, or something.

Anyway, OMG, we are sooooooo doing this again.

*If anybody has been left out of this list, please accept my sincere apology, along with the knowledge that you suck too much to be remembered.

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